Brand agnostic startup around automotive services and products


Mad About Wheels is a Gurugram based start-up that provides India’s first brand agnostic electric mobility service solutions and last-mile products.

The company’s products have been designed for two, three and four-wheelers.

It is backed by experts with over two decades of experience in the field of product development and operations, spares and accessories and the electric vehicle business.

It is the country’s first such company focusing to service the electric vehicle market as well as the unorganized market.

The company has strategic partnership with CWI for its services in the to handle Pan India operations. CWI is one of the most innovative service provider & along with the technology enabled with MAW , it should help customer retention programs & business growth.

Mad About Wheels

Mad About Wheels’ key differentiator is the strong focus on the nascent yet growing business in the country. The company is able to provide customized products & services to its entire customer base. By enabling Brands & retail dealership in the entire country, Mad About Wheels is capable of handling complex and large volumes of business efficiently.

ICE vehicles have a strong infrastructure built over years , at Mad we are planning soon to onboard service workshops to provide such services for customer retention at dealership, Electric Vehicles however is at a nascent stage with high dependency of breakdown services anywhere during travel, we are building capabilities for handling such breakdowns at backend also via our  onboard partners completely cashless for customer against the product he has availed. Initiatives taken by Mad Over Wheels looks at kick starting growth and confidence of the Electric Vehicle market in the country.

All India Strategic Partnerships



Warranty Partner

Corporate Warranty of India

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Manappuram Finance

Finance Partner

Manappuram Finance PVT LTD

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EV Partner

Ampere Electric

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Accessories Partner


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Amresh Khar

Co-founder – Mad About Wheels

Manish Kochhar

Co-founder – Mad About Wheels